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DCS-MISR – an Egyptian company that aims to find advanced software and technical solutions to meet all the demands of the Egyptian market, and to expand a lot further from that, so we can open the door for our kind customers to effectively enter the age of technology and information through following up, monitoring, and running business automatically through any computer or mobile phone that is connected to the internet. We have all low current systems provided by the best known and distinctive international agencies. We also design and deploy all kinds of networks and the required units.

DCS-MISR is one of the leading companies in the field of programming, maintenance, troubleshooting, and customizing all types of low current systems with very competitive prices, and we always make sure to commit to all maintenance contracts, and to arrive as quick as possible when summoned to fix malfunctions and problems.

DCS-MISR provides very special offers in the field of maintenance, programming, deployment, and preparation of all kinds of PBX systems, and gives particular importance to following up problems with the clients, and fixing them instantly due to the importance of such devices (PBX systems) in running business and connecting companies and employees.

We are distinctive at providing advanced solutions to build, install, provide, test, maintain, and design surveillance cameras, regular or IP, for companies, banks, shops, mansions, and houses.

We deal with major international agencies in the field of securing houses, mansions, palaces, and villas, to provide the most advanced burglar alarm systems, door and window (glass) break alarm systems, and also securing individuals entrance, and securing rooms and facilities.

We support all remote controlled electronic gates, regardless of the size and weight of the gates. And we deal with major agencies in this field.

We design integrated systems to secure facilities and residences against theft and vandalism with the merger of surveillance systems and top-of-the -line cameras, with the ability of recording and retrieving data from any internet-connected source around the world. In addition to that we build systems to control room entrance, and securing warehouses, inventory, and restricted areas.

We have also advanced solutions to control devices, opening doors and outlets, running computers, and lighting through voice commands, so that it will be an efficient way for seniors or handicaps.

DCS-MISR – Dead Case Solutions provides its customers, from Egypt or any other place in the world, with website design services, in addition to upgrading it and promoting it to be one of the best competing websites in its field. Our services also include logo design, introductory, promotion videos, and hosting services.