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CCTV surveillance cameras | the latest surveillance cameras in Egypt

DCS-MISR Co. offers the latest surveillance cameras for companies, universities, factories, shops, restaurants, residential units, and buildings. DCS-MISR is a dealer for the biggest surveillance cameras importers in Egypt, where we deliver, install, and program a big number of global brands for the finest surveillance cameras made in Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and China.

Surveillance cameras, when procured, are categorized as follows:

- Fixed cameras | moving cameras.

- Wired surveillance cameras | wireless surveillance cameras.

- IP surveillance cameras (wired, and wireless).

- POE cameras to transfer data and electricity on the same wire.

- PTZ cameras work with high accuracy, and move and rotate quickly.

- Night vision feature available or not, and what is the vision efficiency day and night time.

Devices related to surveillance camera systems:

- Separate DVR devices that are able to work through the internet (Standalone DVR).

- Display and record cards that are able to work through the internet (PCI DVR PC Card).

- Laptop display and record devices that are able to work through the internet (USB DVR).

- High capacity DVR devices that can run more than 1000 cameras (Standalone NVR).

Image clarity is different from one camera to another. The main factor for that is the size of the lenses used 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16m, 32mm, and the number of TV lines that the camera provides, e.g. 400 TVL, 600 TVL. Of course, the more TV lines, and the larger the lens is, the higher the clarity and quality of the image, and the higher the price too.

Indoor cameras are different from outdoor cameras in many ways. Outdoor cameras have an external structure that protects it from the sun, humidity, and dust. These factors must be taken into consideration for outdoor systems, and they are not critical for the indoor and CCTV systems.

You might need one or more surveillance cameras for live display on TV screens, special surveillance cameras monitors, or computer monitors. You might need to purchase a DVD-R device to record and display at the same time, and you can even watch your business and properties on the internet from any mobile phone or computer safely and easily. We have engineers specialized in networks design and programming so you can reach the highest possible degree of protection.

Country of origin for the surveillance cameras is one of the most important and effective factors when intending to procure a surveillance camera. DCS-MISR is a leading company in this field. That's why we offer our clients the best surveillance cameras that are made in Italy, Taiwan, Korea, and China directly from the authorized dealer (agent), and with the longest warranty period, that can reach three years or more.

Don't waste your time and money on "beginner" companies that have no experience in this field. Not all advertisements on the internet have true offers, because they are simply false offers (scams) posted by inexperienced, and inefficient people and technicians who use such popular websites under company names. With DCS-MISR you'll find an excellent customer service that will provide answers to all your inquiries and requests, so that you can reach the most appropriate surveillance system that meets your budget, and provides the best security system for your house, company, or factory. And you will find an advanced technical support to carry out installation and operation processes with the highest efficiency and within the shortest time possible.

Some information you need to know when procuring surveillance camera systems in Egypt:

If you wish to procure a fully integrated camera surveillance system, or if you are looking for a company in Egypt that sells and installs surveillance cameras and the systems related to it; then you have surely reached the right place. DCS-MISR is a modern communication company that has experts and engineers who are able to design and install all kinds of surveillance camera systems from all global agencies and brands.

Surveillance camera systems in Egypt differentiate depending on the size of the space that needs to be secured, visibility angle, distance between cameras, and record/display devices. There are systems that need signal boosters, so that it can reach more than 5000 meters, and others don't need a signal booster.

Buying surveillance cameras in Egypt

If you want to buy surveillance cameras, first you have to choose a leading company in the field of installation, maintenance, and delivery of surveillance networks in the Arab republic of Egypt. DCS-MISR offers the highest rates of quality at the lowest prices. There are a number of factors that should be considered when intending to buy a surveillance camera system, which are the size of the lens used, country of origin, night vision feature, visual and digital zoom features, the ability to record, the ability to watch and monitor through the internet, and also if it is fixed or moving, and if it's indoor or outdoor surveillance.

A company that sells and installs surveillance cameras in Egypt

DCS-MISR Co. offers its clients all kind of Korean and Taiwanese made surveillance cameras. If you are looking for a company to deliver, install, and even to maintain surveillance cameras, we have a team that is capable of deploying all kinds of networks. Just contact us, and our representatives will answer all your questions all week long. And since we are offering services that are related to the safety and privacy of our respected customers, we offer you, and for the first time in Egypt a telephone number to receive all questions and inquiries 24 hours a day: 01116888273

Wired surveillance cameras for sale in Egypt

Since there are a few numbers of malfunctioning cases in the wired surveillance camera systems, and the high security that it provides, we always recommend to our respected customers to use wired surveillance systems, even if the distance between the surveillance cameras and the record / display devices are more than thousands of meters. Only with DCS-MISR you can deploy a complete wired surveillance system for a distance that exceeds 3000 meters, and with the highest image quality. Call us now on the inquiries number, and one of our representatives will answer you and provide all the suggestions so that we can achieve the best surveillance system. Call now 01116888273.

Wireless surveillance cameras for sale in Egypt

Usually we have to install wireless surveillance systems at houses and facilities that are already equipped, where it is difficult to pull and lay cables and wires. And to reach the highest level of security, a specialized engineer installs an encryption system to prevent taking images from any place outside the facility. We have all types of wireless cameras that are manufactured in Korea, Taiwan, Italy, and China with all its accessories, and with a warrantee period that can reach to 5 years.

IP surveillance cameras in Egypt

IP CCTV surveillance cameras are cameras that have the ability to connect directly to networks, so that the user can watch, monitor, and record the events in both audio and video through the internet, or from any mobile phone. It requires having an internet connection with a speed that is not less than 512 Mbps. These cameras can also work on the same computer networks, and mostly it has the POE feature for automatic feed through network cables without the need for additional converters.

Cameras DVR devices for recording and display

To purchase camera record and display devices in Egypt, you need to own a display and record device that has all the features that enable you to monitor your business through the internet from any mobile phone or computer. DCS-MISR offers you the latest display and recording devices for Korean made cameras with a 3 years guarantee against industrial flaws. Our devices are totally Korean made, and has all the capabilities and features, and at unique prices. We also have computer cards that can display and record, and devices for cameras recording and display on laptops.

Surveillance cameras display and recording cards

You need to purchase a display and record device for cameras if you want to design a full security system. Display and recording devices can be separate, meaning that they function separately by recording and displaying camera's signals without depending on computers, and it can be connected to computers, recording what surveillance cameras are showing on the hard drive of the computer. Once you own a DVR device (a camera record and display device), you'll be able to deal with advanced security surveillance systems. You can watch, record, and control your security system using the internet or any mobile phone.

Surveillance cameras signal boosters

Of course the longer the distance between cameras and display/record devices, the more the image looses quality and clarity. DCS-MISR Co. is the only provider of video signal boosters for cameras and satellite receivers' networks. We have wired signal boosters for distances starting from 20 meters and up to 3000 meters with the highest efficiency for images, whether at day light or with night vision.

Korean made surveillance cameras and display / record devices

DCS-MISR Co. is the dealer of one of the main agents of completely Korean made surveillance cameras. If you are looking for the highest image efficiency and quality, stay away from low quality surveillance cameras that are, unfortunately, spread widely in Egypt. Korean made surveillance camera systems enables you to get the longest Warrantee period in Egypt; "Three years against industrial flaws", and the highest operation efficiency. All that with prices lower than all the competitors'.

Taiwanese made surveillance cameras

One of the best surveillance cameras, it has the highest efficiency and longest endurance. DCS-MISR is the dealer of the main agent of the Taiwanese surveillance cameras. Do not be fooled by inexperienced companies. And own one of the best Taiwanese surveillance cameras in Egypt with very competitive prices.

Surveillance cameras display monitors

We have all kinds of surveillance cameras display monitors with all sizes. They are compatible with all display and recording devices with a very high sensitivity to video signals. They have side speakers, and all the features with full control of image brightness and colors. All surveillance cameras display monitors are Korean made with a 5 years warrantee.

Dear Customer, are you looking for:

Home surveillance camera.

The smallest surveillance camera in Egypt.

Wired surveillance cameras for long distances.

Wireless surveillance cameras for long distances.

Night vision surveillance cameras.

Surveillance cameras that work through the internet.

Surveillance cameras that works through mobile phones.

Surveillance cameras with high image quality.

Surveillance cameras with internal memory.

Best surveillance cameras in Egypt.

Outdoor surveillance cameras resistant to rain, dust, and direct sunlight.

You have now found the best company in Egypt to sell, deliver, and install surveillance cameras that are made in Korea, Taiwan, Italy, and Japan. DCS-MISR is a leading company in the field of surveillance cameras. And we have the experience and the efficiency that makes us the best surveillance cameras providers and installers in Egypt for all types and global brands, and with the longest Warrantee period in Egypt. We also have a special department for surveillance cameras maintenance for all the systems that the company designs.