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DCS-MISR provides maintenance services for its clients, companies and individuals. Maintenance services include inspection, testing, and installation of PBX systems, fax machines, surveillance cameras, audio systems (including all types of Power, Amplifiers, and Mixers), plus the maintenance of computers for labs and companies, and the maintenance of intercom and camera systems, machine boards, and micro controller circuits.

All spare parts are original, provided by authorized dealers (agents). Delivery and troubleshooting are done in a record time! We fix the most complicated malfunctions with very competitive prices.

The company welcomes annual maintenance contracts for companies, for all intercom, PBX, surveillance cameras, computer networks, lab equipment, audio systems for halls and conferences, smart homes, and automation systems.

Register your company and enjoy the fastest and best maintenance services in Egypt.

To meet the demands of most of our customers, the company troubleshoots and customizes all old and vintage audio and video devices, such as old TV sets, Gramophones, phonographs, and all electronic devices that are used for decoration and you can rarely find companies to fix them. Only with DCS-MISR, you can call us, and we'll reach you where ever you are (within greater Cairo).

Due to the increasing demand on maintenance services and annual contracts for integrated systems maintenance, including PBX, networks, fax machines, computers, intercom, surveillance cameras, and audio systems for halls and conferences; The company decided to expand its services outside greater Cairo to include all govern-orates in the Arab republic of Egypt. But priority is given to companies that register first. Contact us now for more information.

The company provides a new service for Laptops maintenance of all brands and models. The company provides annual maintenance contracts for time-keeping systems for companies, universities, and the public sector (governmental agencies).