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Ideal for large, and spacious areas (such as factories, and big companies). It is possible to secure 110 different entrances at the same time using this device.

The device contacts six numbers that you choose, and informs them that there is an intruder the moment the burglar enters the secured place (such as a company, a house, or a shop), whether the burglar broke in by breaking the door, or through the window, or any other place.

It calls land lines, and mobile phones as well before the occurrence of the theft.

Doesn't need wiring, only the strong-voice siren is wired, the rest of the components are wireless.

You can add 110 wireless detectors at one time to the device.

You can add a fire alarm detector.

SOS feature to activate anti-intrusion and sudden theft while you are inside (the house, company, or shop).

With one simple touch on the remote control the device and the siren are turned on.

The components of the alarm device:

The main unit

2 x Remote controls. Possible to provide more when requested.

2 x Door break detectors. Possible to provide more when requested.

1 x Motion sensor. Possible to provide more when requested.

1 x Sound alarm (siren)

A Charger