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Safety and security are the most important in a human beings life. So how about if safety and security were for you, your family, your house, and property too. This will surely add a great deal of "peace of mind" to your life.

DCS-MISR Co. for modern communication offers you the latest 4G wireless alarm device. It is like an honest safe guard that guards any facility (house, office, villa, or shop) without a slight error, and with extreme accuracy, so that you'll be relaxed always.

How does the alarm device works:

In case doors and windows were opened or broken (theft and breaking in) the alarm device contacts 6 numbers of your choice (land line or mobile), and informs them with a voice message (recorded by your voice) about the theft. (The alarm device works in case electric power is dead, and doesn't depend on phone line signal).

The alarm device doesn't just make calls; it is accompanied with wired siren that sounds off a strong sound with a 600 square meter span!! To frighten the burglar and to alarm the property residents, the guard, and the security people (the siren also works without depending on the electrical power in the house).

In addition to the advanced motion detector that works using infrared, and detects any movement within the place in a second. And in this case the device also calls the chosen numbers, and the siren goes off with its strong sound, and the burglar can never stop it.

Alarm device features:

Does not depend on telephone line signal, where a SIM card is installed in the device and it works like a cell phone.

The alarm device and all its supplements (motion detector, siren, magnetic sensors) do not depend on electrical power, and they function when the electrical power is dead, since the device has a rechargeable battery.

The alarm device can be activated and shut down incase it's forgotten remotely, and this is done by calling it through a mobile phone, and entering its secret code, and the burglar can never turn it off or even find it. it can be put anywhere due to its small size.

The alarm device is delivered and guaranteed for free within greater Cairo. It is indeed an integrated alarm device, and we are proud to offer it to you.

And due to the circumstances that the Arab republic of Egypt is going through from lack of security, and daily threats against properties, houses, and companies, it became a necessity to have a security system that fully controls properties and facilities. With us you can now own the latest alarm device against breaking in and theft at a very reasonable price. Call now.

Works when the electrical power is dead

Calls 6 landline or mobile numbers

A siren with a 600 square meters span

1 x door break detector

Central control unit

2 x remote controls

1 x motion detector