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Only from DCS-MISR, and for the first time ever, you can get the latest device to monitor babies from anywhere in the world without any extra charge. The IP Baby Monitoring system is easy to use; all you have to do is enter a static IP address to log into the control panel of your monitoring system. All this is done with extreme privacy, and all the data, photos, and videos are encrypted using sophisticated codes that will make it impossible to be hacked.

You can control the baby monitor system using any mobile phone, any computer or laptop, and many other devices provided that there is an internet connection available.

There are many devices in the market that enable you to watch your child within the house only using a TV circuit that is easy to hack from any close TV set! And what is the point of monitoring your child from inside the house only?! With our system, baby monitoring is done safely and from any place that is connected to the internet.

Do your work conditions force you to leave your baby for long hours?

Do you have a baby sitter that takes care of your child while you are out?

Do you work outside the country, and you want to share live moments (audio and video) with your wife and child without any charges?

The baby monitor system from DCS-MISR is the only solution with very special prices and with discounts that reach 15% and with free installation.

The same system can be used to monitor ill, senior, and handicapped people.

The Baby monitor system features:

All raw material used are made from substances that comply with global standards to protect children. Babies cannot reach the camera, and it doesn't project any harmful signals or radiations. A small motor is embedded with the camera to move it horizontally and vertically using a remote control. Night vision feature, so you can see your baby in the dark while sleeping. A microphone is embedded with the camera so you can hear your baby too. Data encryption feature using the CDMA system, to reach the highest level of safety.The camera is small in size and produces clear view and sound.