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The PBX Department

Because we deal with major agencies to import PBX systems and their supplements, we offer you a demo for the latest and best PBX systems in Egypt. We also provide and deploy as quickly as possible, and without any extra expenses. The company also provides distinctive technical support services, and post sale services, and serious warranty for our respected clients. Now the company presents a wide variety of IP based PBX.  Read More

Website design & Development

If you would like to own a website that is distinctive and with global features, and with the lowest prices, all you have to do is call the shown numbers, and coordinate with the support department to get to the best offer, for companies, shops, restaurants, and individuals. The company also promotes websites, upgrades them to become among the best websites in its category. Read More

Baby Monitoring Systems

DCS-MISR uniquely provides the installation of the latest baby monitoring devices with prices much lower than those in the markets, taking into consideration that we provide the only system for baby monitoring using mobile phones or any computer and from anywhere in the world, while the rest of the systems enable you to monitor your baby from inside the house only, and without any privacy, where any television set close enough can detect the signal and show the picture on its screen. With DCS-MISR we provide the latest baby monitoring system through the internet, in an encrypted way, and with total safety and from anywhere. Read More


CCTV Surveillance Cameras department

We have the experiences and the abilities that make us the leaders among cameras' providers and deployment companies in Egypt. Starting with surveillance cameras that have limited abilities and features, up to the latest and most sophisticated cameras. We're specialized in the design and deployment all kinds of camera networks, wired and wireless, and IP cameras. We have discounts that can reach 15% on all cameras. Read More


The Intercom department

The company provides, installs, and maintains the latest models of intercom systems complying with European standards, and provides all the supplementary services, such as automatically opening and closing the doors, addressing the building keeper (guard), and all the other services. The company also designs, distributes and installs intercom telephone networks with the lowest prices and highest efficiency. Read More

The Fax machines Department

We have the latest and the best brands for fax machines guaranteed by the agent (Panasonic's agent in Egypt) that uses thermal paper, or regular paper, or laser fax machines. We also have the latest laser fax machines with advanced tasks. If you want to purchase a fax machine for your company or office, there is no better alternative for the Panasonic distinctive fax machines. Read More

Alarm systems Department

DCS-MISR provides its respected customers with the latest burglar and break in alarm devices. It works with high accuracy to secure facilities and properties against breaking in and vandalism. All devices work when the electricity and telephone lines are out, and it's wireless. And they automatically contact land line or mobile phones when a break in attempt is detected. The devices include all the connections, accessories, warranty, and free installation (deployment). Appropriate for apartments, villas, palaces, offices, and companies. Call now and we can reach you where ever you are with very special prices. Read More


Troubleshooting All Malfunctions

We have a team that is capable of troubleshooting all malfunctions of PBX systems, camera networks, audio systems for conferences and halls, computer and network labs, and electronics malfunctions in general. We also provide annual maintenance contracts for our clients with commitment for warranty periods, and making sure that only original parts provided by the authorized dealers (agents) are installed. Read More